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Piedmont is a two-square-mile city within the borders of Oakland. It was incorporated in 1907 and was known then as "The City of Millionaires" because there were more millionaires per square mile residing there than in any other U.S. city. Today, their large, estate-like homes are still standing in the heart of Piedmont, reminding residents of its glitzy past. Homes in Piedmont range from those estate-like homes in central Piedmont with expansive grounds to more modest homes on the edges of town. Well-manicured landscapes prevail, and the city's stringent permitting guidelines ensure all homes maintain their original flavor.

It is known for its beautiful homes, treelined streets, proximity to San Francisco, and excellent schools, police, and fire department.
 Piedmont's proximity to Oakland's many big-city amenities ensures Piedmonters will not miss out on the latest restaurants or first-run movies. The commercial area of town is small, featuring several banks and one gas station.

Mulberry's Market, a specialty food store with ready-made meals, caters to gourmet taste buds and is the frequent morning coffee stop for parents and an after-school hot spot for kids.
 The Piedmont Recreation Center offers a central gathering place for residents. Available for rental, it is the frequent setting for community events and parties.

The sense of community is vital, as witnessed by the large turnout for the Fourth of July parade happening each year down Highland Avenue. The beautiful grounds provide a wonderful place to hang out and play, and the wooded trail connecting the Center to the high school is the best place to take your dog to play.

A casual carpool zone on Oakland Avenue and proximity to Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) and Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District buses offer workers convenient commute options. Pride in community involvement and village living are just a few reasons people love to live in Piedmont.

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